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The Research of Quantitative Management in the Teaching Process Management

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021006


Ziqiang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ziqiang Zhang


As an important part of modern education, the teaching status and quality have become the focus of people's attention in the new period. With the implementation of education reform, carrying out the scientific development concept deeply and optimizing the teaching management mode of private colleges and universities have become the welcoming trend of the reform of private colleges and universities. The implementation of quantitative mode in teaching process can not only improve the teaching management level for private colleges and universities, but also help to improve the overall management level of it. Based on the concept definition and key content of quantitative management, this work analyzed the positive role of private colleges and universities. Taking the evaluation of teacher's teaching process management as an example, this work dug into the points for attention regarding the quantification principles, dimensional quantification, and systematic assessment, hoping to provide some references for the teaching management in private colleges and universities.


Private universities and colleges, Teaching process, Quantitative management, Application

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