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Necessity and Countermeasures of Piano Teaching Reform for Music Majors in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021007


Xiaole Zhu

Corresponding Author

Xiaole Zhu


Under the influence of the new curriculum concept, the overall level of piano education in music majors in colleges and universities is in a continuous improvement stage. In order to better highlight the effectiveness of piano classroom teaching in music majors in colleges and universities, teachers need to constantly adjust and optimize the teaching mode, especially adjust the classroom teaching strategies according to the students' learning conditions and learning enthusiasm. While improving the students' thinking activity, teachers should better guide students to learn and realize the cultivation of innovative ability. Based on the present situation and problems of piano education in music majors in colleges and universities, this work first analyzed the necessity of this education reform. On the basis of the above, this work then combined with practical experience, deeply studied the principles, models and methods of piano teaching, and finally integrated people-oriented and cooperative inquiry into the teaching process, so as to realize the overall optimization of piano education for music majors in colleges and universities, and provide the corresponding reference for the reform of piano education.


Music major, Piano teaching, Reform, Necessity, Measures

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