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Practice Effect of College English Teaching Design Based on the Hybrid Network Model

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021008


Yanping Shan

Corresponding Author

Yanping Shan


With the deep combination of information technology and education industry, the educational concept and teaching mode are constantly updated, and the teaching effect under the hybrid mode is superior to the traditional teaching mode to some extent. The teaching of college English “three-dimensional integration” based on the hybrid network model is supported by an autonomous learning platform, and the students' autonomous learning ability is improved by combining traditional teaching with computer teaching. By setting an experimental group and a control group, the students in the two groups had the same level of independent learning ability and comprehensive application ability as the English level before the experiment. Results show that the experimental group and control group on average in the final exam difference is 3.69, the average difference between the autonomous learning ability of 12, English comprehensive application ability difference of 15.03, significant difference exists among three aspects, fully shows that network hybrid mode of “three-dimensional” hidden curriculum teaching design practice effect is good, can improve the students' English performance, autonomous learning ability and English comprehensive application ability.


Network hybrid, College english, Three-dimensional integration, Hidden curriculum

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