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Practice and Thinking of Distance Teaching of College and University during Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Pneumonia

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021012


Li LI, Musong Gu, Xiujun Zhang

Corresponding Author

Musong Gu


In the beginning of 2020, novel Coronavirus came along with a violent attack, and all communities across the country adopted a closed management, requiring residents to “isolate at home”. As the school term was approaching, the Ministry of Education required all school students to be forbidden to enter the school, and proposed the goal of “stopping classes without stopping school”.Based on epidemic prevention and control during the “database principle course” remote teaching, for example, to the chengdu university computer college to carry out the remote teaching summary on the practice and thinking in the process of teaching, I try to make full use of the super star in the teaching learning, tencent class network teaching platform, realize the closed during the teaching, students can watch live online online questions, answer, line to hand in homework, discuss the exchange learning and so on each link of the remote teaching, closer to the largest extent in daily classroom teaching.This paper discusses the common problems that may be encountered in distance education and the effective countermeasures. In order to provide reference and reference for online distance education, to ensure the effect of distance education, improve the quality of distance education.


Superstar learning channel, Online class, Distance teaching, New coronavirus pneumonia

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