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Exploration of Personnel Training of International Mechanical-Electronic Specialty under the Pbl Teaching Methods

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021014


Xinwen Gao, Zhizheng Wu, Huadong Zhen

Corresponding Author

Xinwen Gao


In order to improve the level of Sino-foreign mixed international education in our school, this paper takes the measurement and control technology and instrument international experimental class as the main body, and the PBL-based teaching method is used to explore the course of Measurement and Control Technology and Artificial Intelligence. From the perspective of teaching effects, the PBL-based teaching method is student-centred, takes curriculum issues as a platform, and forms a mixed group of Sino-foreign students, which can cultivate students’ knowledge integration, problem analysis, language expression, document retrieval, and engineering society, personal team and communication skills, and at the same time, it can build a bridge of communication between Sino-foreign students. This exploration provides an operable prototype for the training of international Mechanical-Electronic talents in our department, and also provides a good beginning for the exploration of the teaching mode of international Mechanical-Electronic talents in our department.


Pbl-based teaching, Personnel training, Curriculum project, Internationalization

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