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Exploration of Engineering Culture Education in Automobile Practice Courses under the Background of New Engineering

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021018


Xiaoxu Wei, Zhewen Tian, Fuming Peng

Corresponding Author

Zhewen Tian


The new era has endowed new engineering talents with new mission, and the national strategic development has put forward new requirements for new engineering talents. The education of new engineering talents and outstanding engineers should cultivate engineers with both engineering technical knowledge and humanistic quality. However, the survey results of students' cognition of professional practice courses indicate that teachers do not pay enough attention to and penetrate students' engineering culture education. The curriculum is reshaped from the perspective of engineering education culture, and the curriculum reform approach is constructed from four aspects of teaching method, teaching content, learning environment and assessment method. It pays attention to the coexistence and integration of diverse cultures, improves the comprehensive quality of students, and subtly enables students to be influenced by culture.


Engineering culture education, Automobile practice courses, New engineering talents, Humanities quality

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