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Research on the Practice Community of Blended Teaching Mode in College English

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021025


Haiou Wang

Corresponding Author

Haiou Wang


As the main position of talent cultivation, colleges and universities have rearranged the whole educational structure and adopted many effective innovative reform strategies in order to meet the needs of national strategic development. The core task of improving the quality of higher education is to improve the quality of personnel training, and excellent university teaching is the basic guarantee for the quality of personnel training. With the arrival of knowledge economy era and learning society, the traditional talent training mode can no longer meet the needs of the times for innovative talents. Mixed teaching mode is a teaching mode which takes students as the main body of teaching. It advocates that students should study independently to improve the teaching effect of teachers. The most important thing of mixed teaching mode is to let students play their own role. This paper combines blended learning and learning community, combines online teaching based on network with face-to-face classroom teaching, and constructs a hybrid learning community teaching mode suitable for adult learners, so as to improve the teaching quality of College English.


Mixed teaching mode, College english, Community

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