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Construction of “Curriculum Ideological and Political Education”in Instrumental Analysis Based on the Concept of Cultivating Applied Talents

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021029


Wubin Sui

Corresponding Author

Wubin Sui


This article comprehensively analyzes the problems and challenges faced by the ideological and political courses of science and engineering majors in universities. Instrumental analysis is an important basic course for chemistry, applied chemistry, food, and pharmaceutical related majors. Taking “Instrumental Analysis” as an example, discussed the development and application of the instrument in the teaching process, and designed the ideological and political elements of the curriculum combined with professional knowledge. The ideological and political teaching was carried out with the spirit of innovation, humanity, patriotism, etc. The case design will help students to realize the correct values.


Ideological and political work, Instrumental analysis, Curriculum design

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