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Facing the Rise of Maker Movement, What Should Universities and Students Do?

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021030


Shuohao Li, Yirun Ruan, Fengjing Yin

Corresponding Author

Fengjing Yin


I have read “maker-new industrial revolution” written by Chris Anderson many times, but every time I read it, I can still be attracted by some new concepts and ideas put forward in the book, and also be shocked by the prospect of the future new industrial revolution described in the book. The author has bought more than 20 copies of the book and distributed them to the teachers and students of their respective research groups. I hope that through reading, they can further develop their innovative thinking and inspire their higher innovation passion. As a university teacher, we should think about such a question: what should universities do in the face of the rise of “maker movement”?


Industrial revolution, Maker movement

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