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Application of Tutorial System for Clinical Medicine Undergraduates in Grade-a Tertiary Hospitals

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021031


Shuo ZHANG, Bo YU, Honggang Nie, Miaomiao Jiang

Corresponding Author

Miaomiao Jiang


The undergraduate tutorial system is a talent training model that aims to effectively improve the quality of talent training in universities, promote the improvement of students’ overall quality, and stimulate students’ scientific research and innovation capabilities. At present, grade-A tertiary hospitals play an increasingly important role in the training of five-year clinical medicine undergraduates in medical universities. The implementation of a tutorial system in grade-A hospitals has a positive and obvious effect on undergraduate training. However, the specific mode of implementing the tutorial system for clinical medicine undergraduates is still in the exploratory stage and a standard system has not yet been formed. This paper discusses the specific problems and challenges faced by the current grade-A hospitals in the implementation of clinical medicine undergraduate tutorial system, and puts forward the implementation suggestions to deal with it, so as to promote the medical undergraduate tutorial system in the grade-A hospitals effective implementation.


Clinical medicine, Undergraduates, Tutorial system, Grade-a tertiary teaching hospital

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