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Practical Strategies of Scenario Simulation Teaching Method in Business Etiquette Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ICLEI2021033



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With the rapid development of my country's current social economy, the frequency of business activities has become more frequent. Whether business etiquette is available has gradually become a key factor for the success of the communication between the two parties in business activities. Carrying out business etiquette teaching through the scenario simulation teaching method can effectively mobilize students’ enthusiasm for learning with the help of the created scenario, and at the same time realize the enhancement of students’ initiative level, teacher-student communication frequency, and course teaching effect, which has a positive effect on students’ comprehensive qualities. The improvement of application skills has positive significance. Based on this, the author, based on his own actual teaching experience, discussed in detail the practical significance, practical results and application strategies of using scenario simulation teaching in business etiquette teaching, hoping to provide reference for relevant teaching workers.


Business etiquette, Teaching strategy, Scenario simulation teaching method

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