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Evaluation Methods of Carbon Storage Environmental Response Coefficient of Plantation Considering Carbon Balance

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DOI: 10.23977/icebm2021001


Yueyou Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yueyou Zhang


Under the background of global warming, it is one of the effective methods to alleviate the climate warming and environmental deterioration by planting a large number of trees, and the artificial forest regulates greenhouse effect by carbon, so the carbon storage has a positive impact on the climate and environmental ecology. From this point of view, it is positive and effective to realize the objective evaluation of plantation carbon storage by evaluation method of carbon storage environmental response coefficient of plantation considering carbon balance considering carbon balance, then the evaluation method of environmental response coefficient of plantation carbon storage mainly include sample plot investigation, micrometeorology, chamber method, model simulation, remote sensing estimation, etc. The carbon storage of plantation can be obtained by these evaluation methods of environmental response coefficient. This paper mainly analyzes main principles and application examples of various methods, and points out availability and shortcomings of these methods. It is considered that multi-disciplinary comprehensive application of various methods is an effective way to accurately estimate the carbon storage of plantation ecosystem, and the balance should be taken into account when studying the carbon storage of the large-scale plantation ecosystem.


Carbon storage of plantation, Estimation method, Sample plot inventory method, Micrometeorology method, Chamber method, Model simulation method, Remote sensing estimation method

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