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Influencing Factors of China-Australia Comprehensive Healthy Agricultural Products Trade

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DOI: 10.23977/icebm2021007


Jun CHEN, Chenyang Zhao, Kaikai Liu, Xinyi Wang, Yiran Zhangan

Corresponding Author

Chenyang Zhao


In the past ten years, the agricultural trade between China and Australia has developed rapidly. They are trustworthy and important agricultural trade partners. This article uses the GL index, co-integration analysis technology and trade gravity model to analyze the intra-industry trade level, changing trends and influencing factors of agricultural products between China and Australia. On the whole, China’s intra-industry trade in agricultural products is relatively high while Australia’s is relatively low. In terms of changing trends, the weighted intra-industry trade index showed a stable, upward trend, with little fluctuation, and only a slight decline during the year. From the perspective of influencing factors, there is a positive co-integration relationship between economies of scale and the intra-industry trade index, while there is a reverse relationship between the income gap and the intra-industry trade index, and the relationship between trade openness and co-integration is not obvious.


Comprehensive health agricultural products, Trade complementarity, Trade potential

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