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Research on the Development Path of Rural Tourism Industry under the Background of Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.23977/icebm2021012


Xinghua Guo

Corresponding Author

Xinghua Guo


Rural revitalization strategy conforms to the historical development trend for rural tourism development, which is a major measure to improve rural people's lives. As an important means to implement the rural revitalization strategy, the rational development and utilization of rural tourism resources has become the focus of local government work. With the continuous warming of rural tourism, rural tourism policies will inevitably reveal various shortcomings and deficiencies in supporting the development of rural tourism. Rural tourism is based on the vast rural environment as a tourism platform, relying on the relatively easy production and living forms, natural resources and environment, farming culture and folk customs in rural areas compared with cities. As a product of the integration of tourism service industry and traditional agriculture, rural tourism has a positive impact on rural development in many aspects. From the perspective of rural tourism, this paper expounds its multiple roles in Rural Revitalization Strategy, and points out that rural tourism is an important platform for accurate docking of agricultural multi-functional value and tourist experience demand.


Rural revitalization strategy, Rural tourism, Fusion development

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