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Analysis and Thinking on the Current Situation of Business Administration in China

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DOI: 10.23977/icebm2021019


Zhenghui Li, Xiaoyi Cao

Corresponding Author

Zhenghui Li


Under the background of new economic situation, with the deepening of China's market system reform, the market environment is in dynamic changes with more and more fierce competition, and the development of enterprises is facing many challenges. In this situation, we should strengthen business administration, do a good job in market supervision, give full play to the function of administrative enforcement of law, promote economic development, and provide strong guarantee for the development of enterprises. However, at present, the effect of China's business administration is not ideal and there are many problems to be solved. The lack of law enforcement has affected the trend of national economy. This paper mainly analyzes the current economic situation and the current situation of business administration, and puts forward some effective strengthening measures to provide reference for the development of business administration.


Business administration, Current situation analysis, Thinking

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