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The Connotation and Realization Path of Fair Urbanization

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DOI: 10.23977/icebm2021021


Siting Wei

Corresponding Author

Siting Wei


Fair urbanization is in the process of new urbanization, adhering to the principle of fairness and equality, taking the realization of farmers'citizenization as the core task, and protecting farmers'land rights and interests, to integrate the economy, society, behavior and emotion between urban and rural residents, so as to promote the process of harmonious development of urban and rural residents. The main obstacles to the development of just urbanization are the serious damage to farmers'land rights and interests, the virtual ownership of farmers'land, and the imperfect social security of farmers. There are many challenges in the process of fair urbanization. It is very important to explore a way to realize fair urbanization. The article puts forward some suggestions to solve these problems.


Fair urbanization, Urbanization, Fairness and equality, Land rights

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