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Planning and Design of Rural Landscape under the Upsurge of Ecological Tourism

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DOI: 10.23977/edms2021.005


Shaohui Chen

Corresponding Author

Shaohui Chen


In the fast-paced atmosphere of urban life, many people would like to recover original simplicity and return to nature, which in turn leads to the development of ecological tourism industry. Also, under the upsurge of ecological tourism, rural landscape construction is in full swing, which creates great opportunities for rural revitalization and industrial transformation. In the construction of rural landscape, it also should do well in the planning and design of rural landscape based on the concept of sustainable development. The construction of rural landscape should reflect the ecological and humanistic value of the countryside with scientific and reasonable planning and design, truly fit in with the upsurge of ecological tourism, bring tourists richer play experience, and integrate the landscape design with the rural natural scenery. This work mainly discussed the planning and design of rural garden landscape under the upsurge of ecological tourism, and defined its main design principles and strategies, so that the rural garden landscape can be coordinated with the countryside and surrounding environment. It not only embodies the beauty of nature, but also highlights the characteristics of humanistic design.


Rural landscape, Ecological tourism, Design principle, Design method

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