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Research on Advanced Technology of Corporate Governance Based on Computer Big Data

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DOI: 10.23977/edms2021.007


Anni Li and Xiangcheng Qin

Corresponding Author

Xiangcheng Qin


As the three elements of information, connectivity and computing power become more economical and convenient, big data applications will become more and more popular. How to play the role of big data applications is the concern of corporate governance (corpgov). Corpgov is a mechanism to coordinate the rights, responsibilities and interests of corporate stakeholders and ultimately protect the interests of shareholders. Big data is an extremely important link in the CorpGov mechanism, and CorpGov provides power for the independence and quality of big data. There is a positive interaction between the two, and they interact and merge with each other. According to the new features of CorpGov after entering the era of big data, this paper discusses the advanced technology research of CorpGov based on computer big data. Only by perfecting CorpGov mechanism can listed companies disclose financial information truly, completely and accurately.


Computer, Big Data, CorpGov

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