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Research on the Influence of Panda’S Diplomacy Between Economic Benefits and Rapport Around Countries by Using Economics Concepts

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DOI: 10.23977/edms2021.009


Kexin Cao, Junting Guo, Jingyu Peng

Corresponding Author

Kexin Cao


The value of this paper is that we aim to spread the comprehensive knowledge behind panda diplomacy to the world, and letting public receives the figure of Giant panda from a deeper perspective rather than cuteness solely. By noticing panda diplomacy is a topic that is hardly brings up by people, it will be meaningful to combine multiple subjects into this affair. Using secondary data, comparative analysis. Panda diplomacy is an important foreign policy of China in recent years. Panda diplomacy is not only improving China's political relations with other countries, but also affecting the economic aspects. No one in the world owns pandas except China, so China has a monopoly on pandas. Due to the scarcity of pandas, other countries are interested in engaging in panda diplomacy with China. The early days of China's panda diplomacy were marked by the gift of pandas. After calling for the protection of endangered animals’ policy to be changed to panda loan to continue diplomatic. In panda diplomacy, it will affect the political and economic aspects of each country, but at the same time, leasing requires signing of some treaties, and unequal treaties for other countries will bring benefits to China. In the discussion part, the paper provides several solutions of some problem of panda diplomacy in order to allow this policy to have stable and long-lasting relationships both in diplomatic field and economic field. And in this paper, it gives the idea that China should make a treaty more long-lasting as well as including some economic help to decrease some criticism from other countries and build a diplomatic relationship with other countries. Furthermore, the second idea of this paper is that the panda treaty should also include more cultural goods and technical goods to make a fair trade with other countries to establish a satisfying trade relationship.


Economics, Panda diplomacy, Rapport, strategies

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