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The Factors Affecting the Willingness of E-commerce Consumer Information Sharing in the New Media Era - Take "Xiao Honshu" for Example

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DOI: 10.23977/edms2021.021


Weiran Wang

Corresponding Author

Weiran Wang


The development of Internet technology has many influences, especially in the field of e-commerce, which has opened a new era of mobile e-commerce development in the Internet era with various media carriers, social platforms and APP. The core of e-commerce consumption in virtual social groups lies in the acquisition and analysis of information. Only by accurately understanding consumers' wishes and demands can targeted information promotion be provided to guide consumption. It also naturally corresponds to the analysis of e-commerce consumers' willingness to share information in the new media era. As a relatively mature virtual community APP, "Xiaohongshu" realizes its own innovative development based on the development of new media. Taking "Xiaohongshu" as the research object, it is of positive significance to systematically explore the sharing intention of e-commerce consumers, better open up the market and develop new customers. Taking "Xiaohongshu" as an example, this work discussed the influence of e-commerce consumers' willingness to share information in the new media era, and explored the main influencing factors and influencing principles.


New media, E-commerce, Consumers, sharing willingness, "Xiaohongshu"

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