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A Study of Emergency Communication System of Nuclear Power Plant in Severe Accident Condition

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2017.1007


Zhai Shouyang, Jiang Shangyue, Chen Yan

Corresponding Author

Zhai Shouyang


According to the structure research of emergency communication system of nuclear power plant, this paper proposes a technical scheme of emergency communication system of nuclear power plant to ensure the multiplicity, diversity and redundancy of emergency communication methods. By researching the composition structure of emergency communication system as well as communication support and recovery of minimum safety system in severe accident condition, this paper states the design principles and functional requirements of emergency communication system. It has great guiding significance to the design of emergency communication system of nuclear power plant in severe accident condition. This study can not only apply to second generation nuclear power plant, but also apply to third generation nuclear power plants being built or to be built such as AP1000, HPR1000 and EPR, which has vast potential for future development.


Nuclear power plant, emergency communication, severe accident.

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