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Study on the Promotion of Music Education to Medical Humanistic Concepts and its Application in Practical Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/iemss.2018.91411


Tongtong Zhou

Corresponding Author

Tongtong Zhou


With the development of medical and health services in China, the requirements for the quality of doctors and the humanistic concept are becoming higher and higher, and students in medical colleges and universities should pay more attention to the promotion of humanistic concept accomplishment. Medical colleges should take the quality education and humanistic ideas as the important goal of cultivating and bringing up college students. Medical career is a brilliant profession. In order to promote college students to smoothly invest in the medical career, it is the key to enhance students' medical humanistic ideas. The current medical education, through the music education to improve the students' love for life, is full of enthusiasm to work, to lay a foundation for students to better engage in medical work. Starting from the significance of music education to enhance the concept of medical humanities, this paper explores in detail the concrete practice of music in the process of medical education in colleges and universities.


Music, Humanistic Concept, Practical Teaching, Innovation And Development, Medical Colleges And Universities

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