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Study on Non-agricultural Management of Agricultural Enterprises and Impacts on Financial Risk——A Case Study of Listed Enterprises in Shanghai and Shenzhen A-Shares in 2012-2017

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DOI: 10.23977/iemss.2018.91420


Jiang Yao

Corresponding Author

Jiang Yao


To increase the farmers’ income, promoting the development of society is the common hope for agricultural listed company. When the agricultural listed companies developed, due to the expansion of the scale, to obtain more financing, most of the agricultural listed companies have to begin the “conversion” business. This paper, through the analysis of the Shanghai and Shenzhen A-shares listed on the 30 agricultural listed companies during 2012—2017’s main business review, puts forward research on non-agricultural agricultural enterprises and its impact on financial risk, and applies the Z model to determine the enterprise financial risk, and HHI (Beh Finn Dahl index) to determine the non-agricultural degree.


Agricultural Listed Companies, Non-Agricultural Management Financial Risk

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