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Thinking and Research on Collaborative Education of Professional Courses in Higher Vocational Colleges under the Concept of Curriculum Ideology

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.002


Jian Sun

Corresponding Author

Jian Sun


Cooperative education between major and ideology is the need of political work in universities in the new era. With the change of domestic and international situation, the problems and challenges faced by talents training in universities are more severe, and it is of great significance to comprehensively promote the cooperative education of "ideology courses" and ideology courses. Ideology curriculum and curriculum ideology collaborative education is an inevitable choice for universities to shoulder the initial mission of cultivating people by virtue, an inevitable requirement for establishing the concept of student-centered education, and the only way to construct the pattern of all-round education and ideology. Students' ideology is a complex system. If we want to integrate all forces and give full play to the overall effect of the ideology system, we need to introduce the theory of collaborative education.We should pay attention to and give full play to the differences and diversity of ideology courses and curriculum ideology courses in course content and teaching methods, and can not fall into the misunderstanding of "equating curriculum ideology courses with ideology Courses".


Curriculum ideology, Collaborative education, Higher vocational colleges

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