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Can the pilot city policy of cultural consumption stimulate cultural consumption

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.005


Xue Wan

Corresponding Author

Xue Wan


In 2016, China officially implemented the pilot city policy of cultural consumption. However, whether this policy can effectively stimulate the cultural consumption of urban residents is still a proposition to be proved. Taking the data of 14 prefecture level cities from 2008 to 2018 as samples and using the synthetic control method as a tool, this paper tests the impact of the cultural consumption pilot city policy implemented in 2016 on the growth of cultural consumption in Huizhou. At the same time, the placebo test method is used to analyze the effectiveness and robustness of the above results, and the composition degree of several key variables affecting cultural consumption. The study found that the implementation of the cultural consumption pilot city policy has effectively promoted the cultural consumption level of Huizhou urban residents, in which the per capita disposable income and urbanization factors have always been the main driving force for residents to carry out cultural consumption, and the proportion of potential high-quality consumers and the quality of cultural products are also important factors to promote residents' cultural consumption. On this basis, combined with the existing literature and data statistics, this paper puts forward some suggestions for effectively stimulating cultural consumption.


cultural consumption, Pilot city cultural consumption policy, Effectiveness, Synthetic control method

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