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Discussion on the avoidance of the negative effect of industrial policy

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.012


Ran Xu

Corresponding Author

Ran Xu


The collision of views between Yifu Lin and Weiying Zhang on industrial policy can be described as a "debate of the century".The two scholars have a heated debate on whether the role of industrial policy is positive or not.As far as China is concerned,the positive and negative effects of industrial policy are very significant.Therefore, the industrial policy should not be abolished.And ways should be found to eliminate their negative effects as far as possible.In order to reduce a series of negative effects brought by industrial policy and maximize the promoting effect of industrial policy on the development of productivity, this paper will design other supporting systems to avoid the negative effects of industrial policy.The negative influence of industrial policy can be effectively avoided by matching industrial policy with industrial development stage, coordinating competition policy with industrial policy and using public power to carry out fair competition review.


industrial policy, industrial development, negative effect, competition policy, coordination, fair competition review

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