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An Empirical Analysis of the Influence of E-commerce Consumption on the Efficiency of Commercial Circulation Based on Autoregressive Distribution Lag Model

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.014


Liping Liu

Corresponding Author

Liping Liu


The commercial circulation industry integrates trade, catering, wholesale, retail, warehousing, logistics and other businesses, and is an important basic industry of the national economy. The development of e-commerce has shown an explosive growth trend, which has had a positive impact on the commercial circulation industry, especially in the logistics transportation and corporate financing in the commercial circulation industry. With the advancement of Internet technology, e-commerce has developed rapidly, which has brought great changes to consumers' traditional consumption methods, and at the same time promoted the transformation of the commerce and circulation industry. E-commerce has promoted the rapid development of the logistics industry, and has had an important impact on the financing mode of commercial circulation enterprises. The application of e-commerce in the field of commerce and trade has promoted economic and social progress, and has an important role in reducing the cost of enterprise circulation and cultivating new consumption methods, especially in enriching the financing mode of trade and circulation enterprises. The search index based on the search engine records the user search history of a certain keyword or a certain category. These time series data can provide the original real-time basis for the forecast of economic activities. The effect of e-commerce consumption based on the autoregressive distribution lag model on the efficiency of commerce and trade circulation is obvious.


Autoregressive distribution, e-commerce consumption, business circulation

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