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Research on Teaching Mode Innovation of Broadcasting and Hosting Specialty Based on Diversified Teaching Method

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.020


Zhongcheng Yao, Jiayue Li

Corresponding Author

Zhongcheng Yao


At present, the drastic change of media ecological environment has greatly affected the training concept of broadcasting and hosting professionals in Colleges and universities. In the face of the interactive integration of traditional media and new media, the broadcasting and hosting practice teaching system established based on the ecological environment of traditional media in the past, although diversified implementation schemes have been adopted in curriculum setting, teaching methods and practice platform construction, it still lags behind the needs of the times and cannot meet the talent training objectives under the background of media integration. Under the influence of postmodern cultural thoughts, postmodern educational ideas have emerged. Postmodern Education advocates diversified perspectives, pays attention to the richness and relevance of teaching content, and pays attention to the independent exploration and multiple experience of teaching process, which provides some useful enlightenment for the reform of teaching content and teaching methods of broadcasting and hosting specialty. This paper analyzes the current situation of broadcasting and hosting teaching under the traditional educational concept, explores the profound impact of the infiltration of modern teaching methods on teaching, and studies the core of student-centered modern teaching concept.


Diversified teaching method, Host major, model of instruction

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