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Construction of incentive mechanism for teaching teachers in universities under the background of "double first-class"

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.027


Chao Rao

Corresponding Author

Chao Rao


Double first-class establish is not only an objective need for economic and social development under the new normal, but also an inevitable choice for the connotative development of tertiary education and strengthening of its own establish. Universities at all levels and various types earnestly implement the national “Double First-Class” establish master plan, advocate adhering to the core of Chinese characteristics and world-class establish, taking morality and cultivating people as the foundation, supporting innovation-driven development strategies and serving economic and social development as the orientation, and actively cultivate High-quality skilled compound talents are in order to serve the economic reform and development. While the "double first-class" establish strategy brings great opportunities to the development of college teachers, the problems existing in the establish of college teachers are becoming increasingly prominent. In the "double first-class" establish, the establish of secondary school teachers plays a key role. School teachers are the core competitiveness of human resources in Universities, and the incentive of college teachers is the guarantee for the sustainable development of universities. At present, there are still problems in the incentive mechanism of college teachers, and the incentive mechanism itself and incentive methods need to be further improved. By optimizing the academic environment and establishing a reasonable employment mechanism, we will strengthen the establish of the teaching staff and accelerate the integration of the "double first-class" establish strategy.


School teachers, Incentives, Optimization

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