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Research and Practice on Teaching Reform of Engineering Measurement Course Based on Project Driven

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.032


Hongjian Xu

Corresponding Author

Hongjian Xu


With the continuous progress of new technology of surveying and mapping and the continuous innovation of measuring instruments, the traditional practical teaching of engineering surveying course can no longer meet the requirements of modern engineering for personnel training. Engineering survey is the main guiding technology of engineering construction and the foundation for civil engineering technicians to engage in engineering construction. Project instructional method refers to a series of processes that teachers assign problems and tasks to students in the form of projects, and students collect information, make plans, make decisions, and implement plans in the form of individuals or groups. This instructional method comprehensively cultivates students' listening, watching, doing, thinking and practicing. Project driven teaching is a new instructional method based on the combination of practice and theory. By analyzing the current situation and main problems of practical teaching of engineering survey course, combined with the discipline characteristics of engineering survey course, starting from highlighting the cultivation of students' innovative ability and the requirements of "zero distance" employment, this paper discusses the reform of practical instructional mode, instructional content, instructional methods, instruments and equipment and practice site of engineering survey course. Curriculum teaching reform is the focus of curriculum construction and the key to improve teaching quality.


Project driven, Engineering survey, Reform in education

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