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Research on the Innovation and Practice of Physical Education Content Structure in Chinese Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.036


Yandong Qi

Corresponding Author

Yandong Qi


The comprehensive development of my country's political economy has promoted the continuous progress of cultural level and educational concept. Nowadays, our country pays more attention to the quality education and training of students, so that students can develop in an all-round way in morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor. However, University PE is faced with new tasks and challenges. How to adapt to the society's requirements for University PE and cultivate talents with all-round development has become a topic for University PE workers. As an important part of the teaching system of Universities, PE teaching in universities has a great influence on the comprehensive development of university students' moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor aspects. Under the new educational concept, the all-round development of university students requires universities to lay emphasis on the innovation of university PE. By discussing the current situation of education reform in universities, this paper puts forward that quality education under the guidance of health education should be the purpose of PE in universities, and puts forward innovative countermeasures for the teaching assessment and evaluation system based on teaching concepts, modes, contents and means, which can be used for reference for the specific path of innovation reform of PE in universities. University PE should first innovate in ideology, and then innovate in teaching form and teaching content, so as to better promote the enthusiasm of university students to learn PE and improve the efficiency of university PE.


University, PE, System Innovation

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