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Discussion on the problems and countermeasures of the rehabilitation personnel returning to the society

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.039


Chen Li

Corresponding Author

Chen Li


At present, China continues to develop the socialization of drug control work, actively explore new models of drug control work, deeply carry out community drug treatment and community rehabilitation work, provide integrated services for drug rehabilitation personnel through the introduction and training of professional social work forces, help drug addicts improve their motivation for drug treatment, consolidate the effectiveness of drug withdrawal, and help them successfully return to society. There are many difficulties in drug rehabilitation. In addition, drug rehabilitation started late, and there are many problems and difficulties in carrying out the work. There are some limitations and deficiencies in the traditional education and rehabilitation model. It has become an important development trend for drug addicts to realize socialization through education and rehabilitation. At present, it is particularly necessary to optimize the government support for drug rehabilitation personnel; Optimize the support work of social organizations; Optimize the work of community support and give full play to the role of social support system such as family and friends. Education of social groups, reduction of social discrimination and mobilization of peer support for successful drug rehabilitation to enable them to successfully reintegrate into society. This article is intended to explore the existing problems and improvement ways of the current grid service management of drug rehabilitation personnel in China from the perspective of modernization of social governance, in order to further improve the grid service management system of drug rehabilitation personnel, for your reference.


Drug detoxification, Rehabilitation personnel, Return to society, Administration, countermeasure

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