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Research on the Construction of Vocational English Resource Database Based on "School Cloud" in CET-4 English Translation Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.042


Qian Xu

Corresponding Author

Qian Xu


With the deepening of educational informatization reform in universities, more and more universities are building instructional resource platform. The application of instructional resource platform in universities has changed traditional teaching means, optimized instructional resources and improved teaching effect. With the deepening of hierarchical English teaching reform, the importance of systematic development and utilization of English curriculum resources in higher vocational colleges has become increasingly prominent. Moreover, both the Teaching Requirements of College English Course and the reform of translation questions in CET-4 and CET-6 require that attention should be paid to college English translation teaching. Exploring new strategies of English classroom teaching is an important guarantee to improve the quality of classroom teaching and promote the internalization of students' English knowledge and skills. The purpose is to measure the comprehensive English application ability of Chinese college students, and to play an active role in achieving the teaching goal of college English course. With the goal of sharing high-quality English instructional resources, the higher vocational English curriculum is reconstructed into general English and professional English, social forces are introduced to participate in the construction, and dynamic management and maintenance are paid attention to. Since its birth, CET-4 has carried out many reforms in the scoring system, performance reporting methods, test contents and test questions, especially in translation, which will play a positive role in promoting college English translation teaching in China and completely reverse the situation that translation teaching has been neglected for a long time. In view of this, according to the English teaching arrangement, students' English level and teachers' professional ability, under the guidance of constructivism theory, with the help of corpus retrieval technology and online network resources, and using the teaching concept of "learner centered", this paper attempts to explore the construction of Vocational English Resource Bank Based on "school cloud" in CET4 English translation teaching.


Higher vocational English Resource Bank, School cloud, English translation teaching of CET-4

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