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Research on the innovative concept and practice of PE in Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.047


Daozhi Fan

Corresponding Author

Daozhi Fan


The significance of PE (Physical Education) not only lies in improving students' physical quality and shaping students' physical beauty, but also helps to cultivate students' willpower and endurance, team consciousness and team cooperation spirit. At present, the reform of PE teaching methods increasingly emphasizes the combination of educational theory and practice. Innovative education is the extension, expansion and deepening of quality education and an important way to cultivate high-quality creative talents. Under the concept of innovative education, PE teaching activities began to advocate innovative consciousness in the aspects of method theory research and curriculum practice research, and strive to improve the efficiency and quality of teaching. Closely focusing on the problems faced by PE in Universities, and motivated by exploring the conceptual innovation and practical innovation of PE in Universities, this paper comprehensively and systematically discusses the teaching and management of contemporary PE. This paper aims to explore the feasibility and effectiveness of the new model of college PE created under the concept of innovative education for improving students' physical literacy. This paper points out the principles that should be adhered to in the reform of PE teaching methods, and hopes that innovative educational ideas can play a greater role in guiding PE teaching.


PE, Innovative ideas, Practical innovation

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