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Research on the Effect and Strategy of Convergence News Communication Based on New Media Background

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.051


Tianyu Kang

Corresponding Author

Tianyu Kang


With the continuous progress of society, the innovation and development of network information technology has promoted the transformation of the whole social media. Under the background of media convergence, the emergence of network information technology has made the information media in the news industry change significantly. The material form of media has changed from the newspaper form with only pictures and texts to the digital form with all-around pictures, texts and videos. This changes the media form of the information terminals connected at both ends, and creates the development trend of media convergence. Traditional media can no longer meet the needs of the times, and news communication under the background of media integration is more rapid and efficient. Under the background of media convergence, how to effectively realize the convergence mode of news communication and how to promote the sustainable development of news communication are the key issues that need to be considered at present. Based on this, this paper expounds the connotation of fusion news, and probes into its communication effects and communication strategies. In order to improve the communication efficiency and quality of integrated news, and provide reference for the development of news industry in the future.


New media, Fusion, News communication effect

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