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Research on Technological Innovation System of China's Textile Industry Based on Process Control

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.055


Li Sun

Corresponding Author

Li Sun


Textile industry is not only a traditional pillar industry in China, but also the third largest export industry after electromechanical and tourism industries. Global textile trade liberalization will bring new opportunities for China's textile industry to make better use of international and domestic resources and vigorously expand domestic and foreign markets. However, objectively, the impact faced by the textile industry is two-way. At present, the lack of technological innovation ability and the backwardness of equipment and technology have become the main problems restricting the sustainable development of China's textile industry. In order to give further play to the competitive advantages of China's textile industry, correctly establish the position of China's textile industry in Asia and the world's textile industry, reasonably allocate various resources to form a competitive nuclear force, and promote the sustainable development of China's textile industry, we must change the current situation of winning by quantity and pay attention to the technological innovation of China's textile industry, especially the establishment and effective operation of the technological innovation system. This paper makes a comprehensive research and Analysis on the main elements of the technological innovation system of China's textile industry.


Process control, Chinese textile industry, technical innovation

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