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Investigation and Research on Chinese Learning Interest of Central Asian Students Under the Context of “The Belt and Road Initiative”

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.064


Shanshan Shao, Zhuoying Ke

Corresponding Author

Shanshan Shao


With the increasing influence of China in the world, China's foreign economic and trade, cultural exchanges, international relations are facing with a huge opportunity for development, “The Belt and Road Initiative” has become the necessary way for northwest economic and cultural development toward internationalization. In this context, the exchanges between Central Asian countries and China have become increasingly close, and Chinese language and culture have become important tools for people in Central Asia to seek for communication and development. Relevant studies have shown that learning interest has a significant impact on the quality of students' learning tasks and learning methods. Therefore, understanding learners' interest in Chinese learning is of certain significance to improve the quality of Chinese teaching for teachers and the effectiveness of Chinese learning for students. In the survey of Central Asian students, we found that ontology language, history and culture, social life were the key factors affecting the interest in learning. By constructing visual scenes and dialogue scenes to optimize teaching methods, enhancing the practicability of textbooks and supplementing teaching contents those reflect traditional history and culture, the teaching content and teaching process can be enriched from the perspective of the above three factors, so as to enhance learners' interest in learning and optimize the effect of Chinese learning.


learning interest, Language ontology, History and culture, The social life

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