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Teaching Case Design Based on the Ideological and Political Course of Fundamental of Electronic Technology

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.072


Chengxin Xu, Ting Song, Chengcheng Xu

Corresponding Author

Chengxin Xu


Curriculum ideology and politics is an effective way to promote classroom teaching reform and improve teaching quality. The main goal is to cultivate high-quality talents with both ability and political integrity. Based on the current direction and the Kirchhoff's current law, for example, this paper deeply excavates the ideological and political elements contained in the teaching process, reconstructs the teaching content, and combines various teaching methods to integrate the ideological and political elements into the teaching content silently, so as to improve Students' enthusiasm and participation in learning can achieve the goal of college education and teaching of the trinity of knowledge imparting, ability training, and value shaping.


Fundamental of electronic technology, Ideological and political education, Teaching reform, Kirchhoff’s current law

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