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Research on Talent Ability Demand under Man-Machine Cooperation Interface of Intelligent Manufacturing Enterprises

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.074


Zeshuang Liu, Jin Han, Yifan Wang

Corresponding Author

Jin Han


The introduction of machines and human cooperation in intelligent manufacturing enterprises can give full play to their respective advantages, significantly improve production efficiency, work comfort and reduce costs. However, the total amount of human-computer cooperation related talents is insufficient, the distribution is unbalanced and the structure is unreasonable, so it is impossible to match the human-computer cooperation talents with the development of intelligent manufacturing. Accordingly, this paper obtains the talent ability demand information under the man-machine cooperation interface of intelligent manufacturing enterprises. The analysis results show that when intelligent manufacturing enterprises recruit man-machine cooperation talents, they have a higher demand for compound talents with production management skills and intelligent knowledge, and pay the most attention to the solid level of basic knowledge and the overall quality level of talents.


Man-machine cooperation, Intelligent manufacturing enterprises, Talent demand

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