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Connotation of Luo Yingqiu’s Art Education Thought

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DOI: 10.23977/ICSSEM2022.078


Shibing Chen

Corresponding Author

Shibing Chen


Luo Yingqiu is one of the printmakers with the longest creation time and the largest number of works in the history of modern printmaking creation in China. As a typical representative of the third path of the emerging woodcut movement, his printmaking style is very contemporary and local. He has a certain influence in the history of modern printmaking in China and is one of the leaders of printmaking in eastern Guangdong. Luo Yingqiu has always adhered to the art education thought of “talent cultivation oriented, carving jade into utensils” in his printmaking art creation career of more than 70 years, and cultivated a large number of art professionals with both political integrity and talent for the society. From the perspective of Luo Yingqiu’s art education case to his student Chen Qiwei, this paper discusses the connotation and value of Luo Yingqiu’s art education thought.


Art education, Aesthetic education, Luo yingqiu, Printmaking

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