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Foreign Exchange Program Trading: A Bilingual Teaching Design

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DOI: 10.23977/iemss.2018.91433


Qingmei Tao

Corresponding Author

Qingmei Tao


Program trading is more and more frequently applied in foreign exchange trading, thus there are high demand for professional trader in foreign exchange program trading. To meet the need of job market, the bilingual teaching in high education institutions has been well developed in teaching fields such as economics, finance and foreign exchange market theories. But bilingual teaching in foreign exchange market field has focused mainly on theoretical part in most high education institutions. This paper tries to extend the theories into practice. It first introduces the current situation of program trading usage in financial market; secondly, it gives a framework on program trading application in foreign exchange trading; it then designs a basic experimental teaching for students to apply the program trading in foreign exchange market; it ends with teaching quality evaluation. The whole design is based on but not limited to TradeStation.


Program Trading, Bilingual Teaching, Curriculum Construction, Experimental Design, Teaching Quality Evaluation

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