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The Strategic Governance Model of Healthy China under the Guidance of Sports Culture

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DOI: 10.23977/iemss.2018.91447


Xiaolan Ge, Suqiong Feng

Corresponding Author

Xiaolan Ge


The transformation of modern life style has caused a sharp increase of modern civilization diseases and sub-healthy population in China, which not only causes great harm to people's life and health, but also threatens the national health and safety strategy. It is found that unreasonable allocation of medical and health resources and insufficient improvement of life behavior have caused problems in national health management. The traditional medical and health care system has been unable to effectively cope with the governance crisis of Healthy China under the new situation. Therefore, it is necessary to reshape the concept of great sports, give full play to the basic role of physical health, reconstruct the strategic governance mode of “sports + medical care” under the guidance of sports culture, and form an all-covering strategy of life and health. It is of great importance to promote the behavior health management system under the guidance of sports culture, and establish the cooperation channel and policy coordination mechanism of sports health and medical health strategy in order to realize the governance goal of Healthy China from five aspects of individual, group, organization, society and culture.


Healthy China, Sports Culture, National Fitness, Governance Model

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