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Analysis on the Innovative Thinking Ability Enhancement with the Application of E-learning in SLA

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DOI: 10.23977/etmhs.2017.1008


Chenxin Zhou, Chuanfei Liang

Corresponding Author

Chenxin Zhou


In the recent years, new pedagogical theories as well as computer-based educational technology have been adopted in China as an important supplementary aid to the second language acquisition(SLA) teaching. E-learning referring to electronic learning breaks out of the classroom setting and makes learning virtually anywhere possible. This paper is going to analyze whether e-learning has positive effect on second language learners’ study. The results from the students’ after-class feedback have shown that the implementation of e-learning programs are warmly welcomed because it increases productivity and allows learners to accomplish their tasks in more effective ways. Also learners’ self-study ability, collaboration spirit and learning motivation are improved with the help of e-learning. It is hoped that the implementation of this new teaching mode can further promote the integration of modern educational technology and the second language teaching.


Innovative thinking ability, E-learning

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