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A Lightweight block cipher based on quasigroups

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DOI: 10.23977/icamcs.2017.1017


Zhao Yaohui, Xu Yunqing

Corresponding Author

Xu Yunqing


The extensive deployment of tiny computing devices, such as sensors, tablets and smart phones, present a requirement for encryption systems fit for low-resource equipments. Despite implementation advances, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is not suitable for extremely constrained environments such as sensor networks and smart phones. In this paper, we give a new lightweight block cipher based on quasigroups. A quasigroup can be viewed as a series of S-boxes. All the S-boxes of the quasigroup used in this new cipher are optimal in linearity and differential uniformity, and all the components of these S-boxes have the highest algebraic degree. We compare the performance of this new cipher with AES by using the NIST-STS, the randomness of the new cipher is better than that of AES.


Lightweight Block Cipher, Quasigroup, S-Box, AES

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