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Research on the Connection between College English Teaching Mode and Middle School English Teaching under the Double Reduction Policy

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2022.015


Chunlin Xiang

Corresponding Author

Chunlin Xiang


With the continuous innovation of educational thoughts and the continuous development of educational undertakings, China's educational policies are constantly improving. In order to reduce the burden of primary and secondary school students, the state has introduced a “double reduction” policy, which is a major change for China's education industry. The policy of “double reduction” requires teachers not only to achieve the basic educational goals and ensure the quality of education, but also to seek positive improvement measures to reduce the pressure on students and create efficient learning classrooms. Bilingual teaching is an important means to cultivate international talents, and specialized English teaching plays an important role in bilingual teaching. In bilingual teaching, it is found that there is a general incompatibility between students' professional English ability and the needs of bilingual teaching. The main reasons are that the professional English teaching system and teaching content are unreasonable and students' learning motivation is insufficient. Establish an all-round new teaching system combining course teaching with practice teaching, so as to promote bilingual teaching to a higher level with the benign interaction of promoting learning.


Double reduction policy, College english, Teaching mode, Middle school english teaching

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