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Reflection and Application of the Tool “Myvirtuallife” Apd1200 Foundations of Human Development and Education

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2022.016


Chencheng Feng

Corresponding Author

Chencheng Feng


With the help of the tool “MyVirtualLife”, this paper discusses in detail how the genetic effects and parenting styles of parents influence the growth of children through the setting of their parents' character roles in the early stage, and what aspects they contribute respectively. Through the discussion and attribution of children's independence, introversion and artistic achievement, the results show that nurture plays a key role in the development of children's independence; introversion is closely related to nature, and children's talents and abilities may be the result of both nature and nurture. I find that both nurture and nature play an important role in a child's growth process. More importantly, nurture and nature are not two independent parts. More often, nurture and nature are closely related, influencing each other and jointly affecting the development of a child.


Nature, Nurture, Parenting, Gene, Personality, Characteristics, Independence, Introversion, Artistic achievement

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