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Exploration on Practical Course of Ideological and Ideology and Moralityl Cultivation and Legal Basis from the Perspective of University Student' Legal Education

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2022.017


Fengjiao Hu

Corresponding Author

Fengjiao Hu


It is a valuable talent resource for university student to comprehensively promote thelaw and orde and build a socialist country ruled by law, and it is the future of the nation. Improving university student' legal literacy is an important factor affecting the process of comprehensively governing the country according to law, which has profound practical significance for promoting the construction of a country ruled by law.The course “Ideological and ideology and moralityl Cultivation and Legal Basis” (hereinafter referred to as “Basic”) is the starting point of the course to cultivate university student' legal literacy. Colleges and universities should fully understand the practical significance of cultivating university student' legal literacy, and attach importance to the necessity and feasibility of the publicity and education function of the “basic” curriculum platform. And focus on promoting the education of non-law major university student on the concept oflaw and orde to improve their legal literacy.This paper analyzes the great significance of the ideological, ideology and moralityl and legal foundation of university student for the future social impact, and explains the policy and significance of strengthening the propaganda and education of “basic” courses for current university student, as well as the problems and solutions of current ideology and moralityl and legal education. It is hoped to provide ideas for strengthening the concept of thelaw and orde for the whole people and promoting the construction of a law-based society. Through the training of legal rules, university student' awareness of rules can be cultivated.


Ideology and moralityl cultivation, Basic education oflaw and orde, University student, Educational reform

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