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Reflections on College English Translation Teaching Mode Based on Social Needs

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2022.020


Shufang Dong

Corresponding Author

Shufang Dong


Talent training must meet the needs of society. The specific English needs of the society play an extremely important and even decisive role in college English teaching. The specific requirements of college English reform are to cultivate students' ability of reading, speaking, listening, writing, listening and translating, and to improve students' English application ability in an all-round way. It is hoped that it will bring enlightenment to the reform of college English translation teaching, make it develop towards application-oriented function, and cultivate compound talents who know both majors and languages for the translation market. With the deepening of college English reform, college English outward bound curriculum reform has been gradually launched in many colleges and universities. Strengthen the practical teaching of college English course and highlight the practicality of the course. This paper discusses how to cultivate English majors in application-oriented universities based on local social needs. The cultivation of English talents in application-oriented universities should pay attention to proficient language skills; Implement multi-disciplinary cross-discipline, and take the road of “one specialty and many abilities” to cultivate talents; Promote practical courses and create a training mode of integration of production and education.


Social needs, College english, Teaching mode

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