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The Inheritance Path of Folk Art in Art Design Education

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2022.026


Jun Liu, Xiaoli Wu, Yi Zhang, Huizhong Lv, Manting Yuan

Corresponding Author

Jun Liu


As an art form created by the working people in production and labor, folk art not only has rich cultural elements and a long history, but also has local characteristics and national colors. It is a cultural crystallization that highlights the simple beauty of the working people. However, due to the influence of various factors, the education system of our country lacks the use of local folk art resources, resulting in the role and value of folk art can’t be fully played in the work of modern art education in China. Therefore, this paper analyzes in detail the effective inheritance ways of folk art in art design education, and lays a solid foundation for further improving the level of art design education and inheriting folk art culture.


Folk art, Art design, Education, Inheritance path

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