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An Exploration on the Ideological Instruction in the Second English Classroom Activities-Take the Model United Nations as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/IMERC2022.027


Shuang YU, Yu LIU

Corresponding Author

Shuang YU


In the English classrooms, a new-type of “dumb English” phenomenon represented by the lack of in-depth thinking, self-innovation, and effective evaluation is gradually emerging. The second classroom activities, as the extension of the main classrooms, serves to integrating ideological consciousness into English learning. Taking the Model United Nations as an example, this paper explores and creates the “i-3D” ideological instruction mode in our college’s second English classroom activities, that is, within the framework of ideological instruction, deep learning before the conference, deep consultation during the conference, and deep reflection after the conference. By applying quantitative and qualitative research methods, this paper analyzes and discusses the positive impacts of Model United Nations on delegates' knowledge, ability and quality, aiming to put forward a feasible scheme for the implementation of ideological instruction mode in second classroom activities.


Model united nations, Second classroom activities, Ideological instruction

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